SMEs specialists in France an abroad


For almost 30 years, we have been investing from €4m to €15m in companies valued between €5m and €50m in all economic sectors across all regions in France and abroad.


We invest in every type of business succession transaction or in specific growth projects: transfer of family-owned businesses, takeover of group subsidiaries by their managers, fund raising for growth, reorganization of capital structures…


For each transaction, we define the best approach to support the company: we may either be majority or minority shareholders. Our goal is to act as the lead financial investor for managers in order to assist them.

A pragmatic support tailored for performance

Independent managers

Managers in our portfolio companies benefit from a high degree of autonomy with regards to their business plan implementation. We strive to be the management sparring partner on strategic matters: partnerships, build-up opportunities, key hires, international development…

Active support

While we aim at bringing best-in-class management practices, we provide our managers with our past experience and our network of contacts.

Long term strategy

Our investment time frame is generally between 5 and 7 years and, eventually, we define the best exit route strategy for all shareholders: another transaction with a financial investor, an IPO, a trade-sell to a strategic buyer…

A committed, independent and unique team


Since its inception in 1988, our team is personally investing alongside our investors and the management of our portfolio companies. We commit to provide 5% of all invested funds, which represents €9m for Ciclad 5. In terms of financial wealth, the whole team is therefore highly involved.


Thanks to our independence and experience, our interventions and methods are perfectly tailored to SMEs day-to-day constraints and pace: simple financial packages, high responsiveness and pragmatism.


Based in Paris and Lyon, our investment team is enriched with the diversity of its people backgrounds: engineers, strategy consultants, financial auditors, former industry or Army experience…

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a long-term lead investor, we value an ethically responsible capital investment.

As a privileged partner of companies and managers for 30 years, we measure the growing importance of specific topics such as environment, employment and governance.

This led us to establish a CSR charter in 2011.

This charter synthetizes the team commitments to better tackle these extra-financial themes for our portfolio companies. Thus for each new investment, we evaluate these non-financial metrics with a specific matrix.

This “ESG” matrix allows to identify any specific issue and its key indicator for any of these three topics:


Environment – Social – Governance

Download our CSR Charter