The University of Geneva is organizing a series of conferences on the Digital Humanities in 2019. Human Design Group, a company in which Ciclad invested recently, will take part in the debate, and host a discussion on “Affective Computing: how does your computer love you?”. Dr. Guillaume Chanel, a Human Sciences Data Scientist at Human Design Group and researcher at the Swiss Center for Affective Science at the University of Geneva (UNIGE), will explain how the relationship between man and machine is evolving, and how recent developments in technology are allowing for emotions to be a part of this relation.

This is but one of the issues at the heart of Human Design Group’s work as a pioneer and expert in the field of Human Factor, User Experience, and Ergonomics consulting for over 40 years. Human Factor and Human/Machine Interfaces have become critical in all industries: Aeronautics, Nuclear, Defense, Automobile, Transportation, Telecom, and Services. The market is growing very rapidly, and Human Design Group, the French leader in Ergonomics consulting, is thriving.