🌍 On May 31, after our Investors meeting, Arthur de Lassus 🥕 and Amaury Lethu took our entire team on a journey to 2050! On the program was a three-hour Decarbonized Horizons participative workshop to understand the breakdown of a French person’s carbon footprint and ways to drastically reduce it.

🌍 What’s at stake in our daily private and professional lives, in our investment policy, in our energy choices… So many questions that Arthur and Amaury helped our four teams to answer, without any sectarianism, and always with great subtlety and relevance. We received a summary of the different ways to act in the service of ecological and social transition, and a large bibliography to dig deeper into the subject.

➡ If there was one sentence to sum up this useful and motivating team building, it’s that we can all get there together by each acting on our own scale!